Our goods have a guarantee from a manufacturer as a minimum for 2 years. In case a term of guarantee of good is longer, it's mentioned in the description of good.

Reiceiving a good, you'll get a guarantee certificate with stipulated obligations of guarantee. In case during the term of guarantee a good has some technical problems, they will be repaired according to the rules of manufacturer. In this case you should take a certificate of guarantee and a document, which confirms a payment of good and contact with a service, mentioned in a guarantee voucher of your purchased good. To avoid any kind of misunderstandings, do a favour and introduce yourself with a instruction of good carefully, and also make sure, is the guarantee voucher filled correctly. A guarantee voucher is valid only then, if there's correctly and clear are mentioned: a title of model, serial number, a date of sale, a term of guarantee, is clearly observable a stamp of a seller, a signature of a seller and buyer. It's forbidden to make any kind of changes, to delete or overwrite datas, mentioned in a guarantee voucher – in that case a guarantee voucher will be condemned. The rules of Cabinet of Ministers Republic of Latvia №207 'The rules of distance agreement' establishes the rights of a client to refuse an agreement during the 14 calendar days and to give back a good to the buyer, purchased in a web-store. The law of Protection the consumer rights republic of Latvia, paragraph 12, part 6 defines, that a consumer takes a responsibility for the keeping a quality and a safety of goods in a term of realization of the rights of refuse. holds the rights of rejection or to hold back a compensation in case, if a good was used and/or a good is damaged, if there's no original or damaged packaging. To agree a good refusing, please contact us by e-mail or by phone +371 22300061 and notice a number and a date of your order. In case of good refusing a money for delivery are not given back and a buyer should compensate delivery of good, and also should cover the costs of goods delivery back to the magazine. In case of any uncertainty write us!